Microsoft Looking Forward with Windows 9 After Failure of Windows 8

Microsoft tried to do something very diverse when the company dared the introduction of Windows 8. The company brought the Operating System with an entire new interface which meant that windows users would experience the exact same feeling they have with their tablets and Smartphones with the new interface. Microsoft did away with the ‘Start Menu’ and also changed the mouse UI that windows users have been using for as long as anyone we can all remember and introduced a touch UI with tiles form.  Some of these touch-driven interfaces came with information of available updates. Right from the beginning, Windows 8 received a lot of critics and negative feedback from most Windows users.

Windows 8: Where it went wrong

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Microsoft did away with something that has been a treasure to windows users for a long time (since Windows 95) and that’s the Start Button. By doing this, Microsoft was not only bringing a new Operating System to the world but also attempting to force windows users to change from an OS that has been know for many years. There is no denial that Windows 8 was perfectly to the point technically: There was never complaining that it crashed, performed slowly nor old applications not performing when installed on the OS.

Users actually commended its faster performance that windows 7. The thing that users hated is the design, display and complexity. The whole look was just a failure. Microsoft suffered in terms of sales as even after the launch, the previous OS, windows 7 sold better.  Microsoft argued that they presented a faster and more reliable Operating System but the reply from people is that they didn’t know how to use it.

Windows 9: Seeking redemption

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Microsoft are trying to save their defamed OS, Windows 8 by panning to update it later on in the year to Windows 8.1 but after that we expect the company to put all their focus on Windows 9. The rumored Operating system is being labeled as ‘threshold’ and is expected in 2015. The exciting thing puts big smiles on the faces of all windows users it that Microsoft will bring the Start Menu back. This is a very strategic move by the company and it will surely work as we are all impressed.

Another exciting feature that is rumored is ‘seamless’; which is OneDrive cloud storage which will be simple to access just like the C: Drive. With this new feature, users will be able store all useful data in seconds. Other than storing data, you can keep your apps as well. As exciting as it sounds, that’s not all, because it will be internet based, it means that you can access all that when you log on another device with Windows 9.


Microsoft is set to do what it should have done in the first place with the Windows 9 Operating System expected to be launched in 2015. We are all excited and anxiously waiting for the Operating System, we all hope that Microsoft will not disappoint us.

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