Futuristic Hybrid Cars with New Electric Technology & Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The popularity of hybrid cars are increasing now, especially since people are more aware that future vehicles are the solution to today’s problem. Not only hybrid car is able to safe you some money for the fuel, it is also helping the environment in the most generous and gentlest way possible. Lots of auto customers like the idea that combining regular machines and electric can improve the performance of the ride as well as their ability to save up money for the fuel. And with that concern and idea in mind, there are several new rides that have been designed for 2015 launch and release.

The Elegance of Passat from Volkswagen

VW Passat is now in the eight cycles, being designed and introduced for 2015 line. It is created as a family ride that comes with sleeker style as well as improved technologies to deliver more comfort as well as good looks for auto enthusiasts. This line is designed to compete against C-Class line from Mercy and 3 Series from Beemer, so it is only reasonable that everything is designed and prepared with flawless perfection. The fact that it is competing against Mondeo from Ford or Mazda 6 only strengthen the idea that this family ride comes with the right ammo so it won’t be left behind.

Passat from Volkswagen

Since this eight gen Passat should be released the first thing in January 2015, VW starts taking orders from now. This line will be provided in UK’s auto market first before released globally. The price range starts from £22,000 for the most basic line, the diesel 1.6 TDI variant, to the most expensive £37,000 for the high-end class. All models are offered with diesel engines, considering that it is powerful and able to deliver clean outcome. Five different trims will be available for this line, offering different features as the price hikes up.

For a starter, the SE mid spec line has £1,100 worth of trim option, covering Pre Crash and also Front Assist system, along with comfortable seat, handy parking sensors for the front and rear, driver profile selection, and also adaptive cruise control. For a more advanced option, the SE Business, you can enjoy satellite navigation, if you are willing to pay for extra £1,000. If you want to buy the GT variant, be prepared to pay extra £1,300 for the exchange with climate control three-zone mode, heated seat covered in Alcantara cover, and also 18 inches wheels from alloy. The top range is the R-Line is running on TDI 2.0 model. Sounds like all worthy of your spending huh?

The cool thing about this variant is the fact that this family ride doesn’t look buff or burly at all. The lines are all soft and subtle. It incorporates the elegant signature from VW and yet still looks sturdy and solid without truly compromising the overall classy and elegant style. If you take a look at the overall appearance, the three bar grille from chrome looks great paired up with chrome exhaust pipe and Phaeton style rear styling. For the interior cabin, there is a good and handy 40:20:40 seat arrangement that provides generous and roomy space for passengers to sit comfortably. Another cool addition is the automatic electronic system where you can open up the hatch simply by using your foot and waving it right underneath the bumper. In case you forget to close or lock it, it will do so autocratically when you move away from the car. It is a very handy additional safety feature.

Most of the variants are offered in diesel line, but in case you want to enjoy the hybrid technology, you can choose Passat GTE. It combines electric motor (producing 107 bhp) with TSI engine with 1.4-liter capacity (producing 154 bhp), allowing the electronic only motor to reach 3 miles before the regular engine kicks in.

Toyota FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

Another promising ride designed by Toyota is the FCV, a new line that is claimed to be the next futuristic ride that can solve fuel and efficiency problems. Among the many technologies designed to deliver a ride that isn’t only future-based efficient, but also reliable and dependable when it comes to performance, this FCV is the first one designed and sold commercially. Toyota had designed it as a hybrid cars that will be available in early 2015 in Japan with tag price around ¥7 million. It is planned to hit American auto market in late 2015 – more likely as the 2016 variant – and sold around $70,000. The earliest launch plan should be around summer time 2015.

Toyota FCV concept

From the exterior design alone, you can see how futuristic and edgy it is. The overall design is sedan-unlike with sturdier and more solid stance. It has the right curves with massive front side and also gills. Although the company hasn’t provided detailed and official information about the specs and features, they claim that the interior cabin is generous and spacious, as well as the trunk space. The hydrogen fuel cell will be located on the front seat and the gas tank is located around the back wheel. Everything has been designed and planned carefully for improved and optimized comfort.

Toyota needs to carefully think about the design and careful arrangement for this futuristic ride, considering that the similar fuel cell rides from Honda, General Motors, Hyundai, and Mercy are also in the production process. The fact that special stations for hydrogen refuelling purpose have been designed and built all around California, make more and more auto manufacturers consider the option to build and offer hybrid cars. And the option isn’t only limited to electronic rides, but also the hydrogen fuel cell.

As it was mentioned before, Toyota hasn’t released official information about the features and specs of the FCV ride, but it is a guarantee that it will provide very smooth and quiet transmission, acceleration, and also power. Toyota even claims that it is able to reach 60 mph within 10 seconds, and the power outcome will be around 134 hp of power, which is quite good – although not grandeur or superb. And the fact that this ride produces water vapor as the waste outcome is just another icing on the top of the cake.

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