The Best and Downfall You Find on Sugarsync Review

When you search for a place to store your file without worry you will lost it, then a cloud service such as Sugarsync would be the best. On Sugarsync review you will see that it has synchronization service unlike other storing service, which do not, offers this feature. They use incremental backup that allow you to only backup anything that is not on your device the last time you do the backup. That way you will get the process done in faster way, moreover the process could also be done in automatic way so they would be backup immediately after you safe your document. If you want to, you could also choose to schedule the backup process so you do not need to remember when to backup, then you could easily share the file you have backup before.

Sugarsync Review

Sadly according to the Sugarsync review, it does not offer backup for the hard disk that you attached to the computer. Which is such a downsize especially when you already backup your computer data on your hard disk, then the hard disk could not be backup using Sugarsync. The only way to cope with this is you need to backup your data manually by copying your hard disk content to the Sugarsync storage.

Another downfall for Sugarsync service is the amount of storage that they offer which only available for 250 GB space. This is surely not enough for you to store all your picture and videos you record since the old time to the future. Surely there are still other storage system services that offer less amount of space; however the price for Sugarsync is consider quite expensive for the amount of space it provided. While there is also other storage system services which offers at least 1 TB space or even unlimited space with a lot affordable price plan.

Sugarsync Review1

Biggest flaw that Sugarsync storage system has is the limitation on the size of individual files which only at maximum 300 MB size. This is a rare case where most storage system service does not limit their individual space size; if they do then they would only place a limit at 10GB size per line. The limitation would make it difficult to store video file, which surely has large size because their data is so large in every frame. Even when you only store videos in medium or low quality, the size would much likely bigger than 300 MB.

Some music file with FLAC extension would also have larger size. To cope with this problem you will need to split each file to smaller size. However that means you could not play the file directly from Sugarsync storage system since you need to join them before you could use it.

According to Sugarsync review blog, the best feature from Sugarsync is their remote ability, which does not available on other online storage system. With this feature you could wipe out your computer data from anywhere you are using the online service, this would be very useful if your laptop ever get stolen.

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